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Safety and transparency, why bother?

Opening live and ongoing communication between the clients, families and the community, is an approach that is quickly becoming the norm for many providers looking to create an inclusive and personalised support environment.  It goes without saying, that transparency...

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The “uber” of support services

With the introduction of the NDIS, and with increased opportunity for clients to exercise choice, the advent of on-demand, “uber-style” models were inevitable.   With decreased entry costs for new enterprises, increased technological abilities and the right market...

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The challenges of delivering services under the NDIS

Mary is one of the millions challenged with a disability. Her ability to maintain independence, engage in the community and continue to have the quality of life she likes is not something that comes easily.  Mary is one of the many funded under the NDIS and now has...

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CDC changes push clients to search for new options

With the forthcoming changes to CDC, clients are looking to their providers for increased transparency, communication and co-ordination. In the complex world of service delivery, helping ensure clients needs are met, requires increased communication and seamless...

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The impact of having a remote workforce

So, what happens when our workforces no longer need to come into the office?  What issues does this present and how are groups solving these? As technology drives health providers to look at new ways of working, mobile devices rich with information and functionality...

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