a purpose built software solution for aged, disability and home health care providers
Great customer service isn’t an outcome, it’s an experience. It’s how you make your customers feel. hayylo is software that evokes emotion, assisting your organisation along your customers journey to ensure optimal customer interactions that produce superior customer service.  Truly enhancing lives becomes as simple as opening an app on a phone.

hello hayylo

Self-branded software designed for aged, disability and home health care providers

software subscription based on active


Using a tiered approach, hayylo offers a software subscription model based on active customers.  This means that resource allocations towards the platform and app are used only when you engage with a customer regularly.  This ensures a return of investment that is aligned with the growth of your organisation.

Customer needs have changed but the need for high-quality health services hasn’t.  The hayylo customer experience platform offers ‘customer insights’ combined with ‘customer communications’ that build strong foundations between care providers, their customers and families. hayylo creates a better customer experience.


setting up the hayylo customer experience platform
Deployed within 12 weeks of project commencement, hayylo pulls fragmented systems and data into a single customer view and turns disjointed work tasks into automated workflows.
Effortlessly integrating with complex systems using our API’s and custom configuration.   An initial implementation fee is scoped and agreed upon prior to each project launch. This caters for professional services required to integrate, configure and set up the platform in each unique care provider’s environment.

results to expect

Increased scheduling efficiency


Decrease call rates


Week on week cost optimisations


Increased staff morale

A new environment that supports innovation and growth


Great customer service

extending the solution to your customers via the hayylo app
hayylo’s customer facing app is the final touch point that connects you to your customers in a fully self-branded experience. Once you and your customers connect on hayylo, your journey together becomes seamless.

Customers have the capability to see their services, make requests, book and even pay for activities and offers in real-time. They will feel like they’re getting the same level of customer care and service as a face-to-face interaction but they are in control.

Customers can even provide feedback about their services, allowing care providers to anticipate customer sentiment, helping to improve delivery of home health care services in the future.


hayylo’s continuous improvement and agile approach means care providers and their customers are supported by our technology, keeping your organisation ahead of industry changes whilst anticipating your customers’ needs.

ready to take the next steps with hayylo?

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